Our service allows you to create (mint) your own CIP-68 token on the Cardano blockchain in under 20 seconds by filling out a simple form.

MintRock is the first to enable minting your own CIP-68 tokens.

CIP-68 is a new recommended metadata standard for tokens on Cardano. This standard enhances token functionality, allowing for more sophisticated smart contract interactions, metadata updates, and dynamic NFTs.

There's no need to submit metadata to the token registry since your metadata is already on-chain.

As a bonus, you get an exclusive CIP-68 badge in explorers and exchanges.

The token mint costs 15 ₳ plus transaction fees. This is the lowest price on the market.

Additionally, you can include token verification (30 ₳) and token research (30 ₳).

You can pay in ₳ or $HOSKY.

The short answer is no.

This step is not required for your CIP-68 token as it has on-chain metadata. Platforms such as TapTools, MinSwap, and many wallets support all features of CIP-68 tokens, including displaying your logo, decimals, and other metadata.

Token verification costs 30 ₳ or you can follow Cardano's verification guide for free.

All token updates are free of cost and can be done within seconds on our platform. Go to the mint page, where all of your tokens are displayed. Click update, insert new info, submit, and wait until your metadata is on-chain.

Yes. Your policy is locked 5 minutes after the minting transaction. Hence, the change of supply of tokens after the minting is not possible.

MintRock is the only service on the market that offers full self-custody. And when we say full custody - we mean it.

Both your policy keys and CIP-68 NFTs are NOT saved on our platform. NFTs with on-chain metadata are locked in smart contracts, and only wallet owners can access them.

You can explicitly ask to save policy keys by checking the corresponding field. The advantage of giving custody to us is that you can access your keys anytime. Also when you opt for token verification, policy keys are saved on our platform by default.

You can download your token keys at the end of the minting, with or without the option to save keys. If you choose not to save them, your keys will be lost after you close the minting window.

Immediately. Tokens are minted directly with your wallet, so they will show up in your wallet within seconds.

Yes, you can verify your token after it has been minted.

Please contact us on X at @WhiteRockCoin or on Discord.

Your token will be submitted to the registry within minutes. From that point, completing the verification process usually takes less than 24 hours.

Please note that we are not liable for rejection due to fraudulent intentions.

As a rule of thumb, use 0 decimals, the standard for Cardano memecoins. But the choice is yours.

Payment is accepted in ₳ or $HOSKY through any CIP-30 wallet (Flint, Nami, Eternl, Lace, etc). Fill out the form, connect your wallet, complete payment, and receive your token.

If you encounter issues or have questions, please contact us on X at @WhiteRockCoin or on Discord.